MBA Dual Degree in Strategic Leadership (online)

MBA Dual Degree in Strategic Leadership (online)
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The more globalised the environment the more international challenges and responsibilities the professional profiles must take on. As a result an outstanding leader is expected to  look forward and make the right decisions, being prudent and knowing how to line up his team with the targets of the company allowing himself to grow personally and professionally at the same time.

This Master in Strategic Leadership offers the student a Dual Degree. This means that the student will achieve two certificates; Master or Degree from their University and Master or Diploma in Strategic Leadership in a Global Environment from Foro Europeo Business School.

The Master in Strategic Leadership in a Global Environment is organised around four main areas; Leadership, Values and Company cover the conceptual base of the programme; the area of Personal Leadership and Leadership of People is focused on the strategy of human labour and the importance of leading oneself in order to lead the organisation effectively. Once analyzed this area the subject International Strategic Leadership tackles the external impact of strategic decisions. Finally in the area of Globalisation and International Markets are analysed the implications of these decisions in a more and more complex network environment. Each area consists of 20 hours and is carried out  along 2 weeks. The work sessions are organised from monday to friday allowing the weekend for some specific project and virtual forums.

The Dual Degree in Strategic Leadership is addressed to those students who are studying or have studied an MBA in their universities and are willing to get an MBA Dual Degree focused on the area of Strategic Leadership.

Those students who have not achieved  an MBA Degree in their universities would be able to join the Master as well. Achieving one Diploma in Strategic Leadership in a Global Environment.

This programme is essentially online; the students follow four subjects on the online platform during the months of april, may and june. Then they complete the training with one week of classroom course (in mid june) at the headquarters of Foro Europeo in Navarre (Spain).

Each professor adopts a certain methodology for their subject. First the theoretical contents are delivered and then real-life cases and questionnaires are provided to check the understanding and application of theory to practice.

Likewise, topics for discussion could be proposed to see the different approach of the students.

After completing the online training, the programme includes one classroom course week in Spain during which the students will have the opportunity to:

  •   Deepen in the previously studied areas with their MBA colleagues as well as with their lecturers.
  •   Widen knowledge on the different areas of the MBA.
  •   Take part actively in group dynamics which enriches the exchange of opinions and favours a more open mindset.
  •   Carry out Networking.
  •   Enjoy the implications of knowing other cultures and other business cultures within an international experience.

The classroom work is combined with visits to companies and different relevant institutions in Navarre as well as different leisure activities. All this will contribute to enhance the life  experience to the maximum so that the students get the most of it. 

To enrol the  online Double Degree MBA candidates should forward an email to attaching the following documentation:

  1. Photocopy of the MASTER certificate coursed in their country. If it were in progress, a certificate of the university or training institution would be necessary.
  2. Photocopy of the passport for international students, DNI for spanish students.
  3. One passport size photo in .jpg format.
  4. Updated resume.
  5. Receipt of payment of the MBA enrolment fee, specifying the student’s name and the programme.

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